Una idea repentina . . . intentando imaginar gráficamente para pensar luego en animación.
(Lo siento por lo del idioma, ciertas cosas son mas fáciles de decir en el más simple, de más rápida escritura y menos cuidado en redacción. Creo que lo traduzco pronto . . . creo)

Keeps waking up

H could only be happy in space . . . all his knowledge only leaded him to the purity in the nothing

There’s something under his skin. H has woken up again, facing an Auto and looking at his hands. H had been bitten a lot of times, but this wasn’t the case. H felt something else . . . something wanted to get out. It wiggled, it itched, it was creepy.
The memory, illusion or vision of a white slob come out of the arm made H sick. It was a grotesque and really slow explosion.
It was H in some way. It was looking at him. At himself. It hated H. H self. But it wasn’t there. H was dreaming again, drifting way in a disgusting battle with a vision.

Long story short, he doesn’t wan’t to touch it and he fears the fact that its he’s own hate, he freezes so badly that it freezes the whole dream. So, while very still, H comes to think, he’s still much bigger than the little monster, of course there’s always the chance you’re entirely filled with that disgusting white goo and the monster is just gonna get bigger while H deflates, but the thing is . . . at this point the time has started to follow it’s curse. First in Slow-Mo, like it has to be, but it was accelerating really fast. H had to concentrate and finish his thought.

The thing is, I know it’s me, and I know me, sometimes I get to be kinda fun and stuff. So I have to be able to talk to me, to get me some sense. The time wasn’t freezed the monster was apparently the same size as H, but it just looked at him. H realized he was speaking, not thinking. He saw or thought or remembered the look on the creatures eyes, like trying to understand, trying to follow. It looked kinda cute. Warm-like. It wasn’t H, was more like a son.
The eyes of a confused little H.

They started to lose sense in front of the intense look of the Auto, that had watched the whole scene, but who knows what he saw. H woke again. The same thing as always, but slightly late . . . as always.